European Union Erasmus+ KA203 Higher Education Project

Öğrenme Etkinliği – 1

Öğrenme Etkinliği – 1

Learning Objective: Recognising that the diagonal of a rectangle is longer than its sides

School: İstanbul Kartal Özel Çam İlkokulu, Turkey

Level: 4th Grade

Teacher: Asuman Ağören

Researcher: Dr Yusuf Koç (Kocaeli University, Turkey)

Video Transcript

Researcher: Who is left, teacher, that we did not study together?

Student: Gamze.

Teacher: Come on Gamze.

Researcher: Who else will come?

Teacher: Doğa can.

Researcher: Come on. Come here. Now. Ok, delete the old code. By pressing the cross sign. Move it on the diagonal. Where’s the diagonal from where to where? You’ve learned the diagonal, I know. Where’s the diagonal? The diagonal of the rectangle. Can you show me, boys? Yes.

Student: Can I say it?

Researcher: No, just a minute. Who? Can you see what I’m saying? You know, diagonal from where to where?

Student: Yes, teacher.

Researcher: Excuse me?

Student: I know.

Researcher: Tell me.

Student: Can I show you?

Researcher: Tell me. Okay, come show me. Diagonal from where to where?

Student: From here to there.

Researcher: Isn’t it the line segment that connects the opposite corners?

Student: Yes.

Researcher: Does it make sense now? Okay, thank you, Çınar. Now you’re going to move it around the diagonal. Along a diagonal.

Student: This is how it’s going to go from here.

Researcher: Hah. Yes, yes. Did you delete it? Come on, let’s go. How many steps, I wonder? I wonder how many steps. Guess what, guys.

Student: Two. You left the line.

Researcher: How many steps can there be, guys?

Students: Three steps. Three steps. Two steps. Two. Come on, two.

Researcher: Did you say two?

Students: Three. Two. Three. Two.

Researcher: Let’s go. Is it diagonal?

Student: We put it wrong.

Researcher: It wasn’t correct. Then what are you supposed to do?

Student: A little more wrong.

Student: Okay, take it. Again. Wipe. Set it up. If you need to flip a little more, turn it over. Huh.

Student: Gamze, turn a little more.

Researcher: Okay.

Student: Is it like this?

Student: No.

Student: I can arrange it. Reached.

Researcher: How much? How many steps?

Student: Three.

Researcher: Do you think it’s three steps? Is it more than three steps?

Student: Three. Two.

Researcher: Excuse me?

Student: If there’s a fourth step, he’ll come here.

Researcher: Four okay. You mean shorter than four. And longer than three?

Student: Three and a half.

Researcher: A little over three, isn’t it? Great.

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