European Union Erasmus+ KA203 Higher Education Project

Learning Activity C – Portuguese

Learning Activity C – Portuguese

Vídeo C

Challenges / Problem

Let’s play with patterns and regularities.


Subject 1: Geometry and Measurement


  • Spatial Orientation (Itineraries)


Subject 2: Algebra


  • Regularities in Sequences (Repeat Sequences and Growth Sequences)


Subject 3: Transversal Capabilities


  • Problem-solving (Process, Strategies)
  • Mathematical reasoning (Conjecture, Justify and Classify)
  • Mathematical communication (Discussion of ideas)
  • Mathematical Representations (External Connections and Mathematical Models)


Main Goals:

Identify and justify regularities in sequences through unplugged activities.

Program the robot to use code instructions for the intended movements, identifying and justifying regularities while contouring geometric figures

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