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Transnational Project Meetings

Transnational Project Meetings

The COVID-19 situation caught the whole world off guard last year. We have still been experiencing its negative effects around us. The pandemic also changed the way we live and work. Consequently, we held three transnational project meetings and an ad-hoc meeting online. We have been adapted to the new conditions and working hard to close the gaps developing as a result of the pandemic. The final two meetings were held face-to-face first in Kocaeli and secondly in Genoa. 


Kick-off Meeting

The kick-off meeting of MINDMATHS was held on 1st December 2020 with the participation of the members of the project teams of each partner organisation.


Meeting 2

The second meeting was held on 03.09.2021 online. At the meeting partners discussed the preparation of the animated video contents, regular videos to show the learning activities in the actual learning settings, and the scope of the video contents interms of theoretical and practical aspects. Also the e-newsletter preparation process was handled together with other management and dissemination issues.


Meeting 3

The meeting, held on 14.01.2022 with all project partners. At the meeting, the process of
creating a video library, editing regular videos, and the pilot implementation process were discussed.
It was stated that the video library creation process was about to be completed and the partners had to complete the translation processes of the videos in this process.
The regular video developed by the COMU partner was watched and the questions of the partners on the subject were answered.


Meeting 4 - KOCAELİ

The first face-to-face meeting of the project was held at Kocaeli University in Turkey on 05-06.04.2022
Project partners Scuola Di Robotica, Latvia University, Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University and Educloud Education Technology Company attended the meeting face to face. Instituto Politecnico De Viseou attended the meeting online.
The meeting was opened by the Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr Nilgün Fığlalı, Dean of the Faculty of Education Prof. Dr Elif Çelebi Öncü and International Relations Unit Coordinator Assoc. Dr Banu Inan Karagul joined.
The works carried out in the process from the beginning of the project to the present were summarised.
Accordingly, partners discussed the new approaches in the Erasmus+ projects that target to bring together different fields of education in the same project. MINDMATHS would have brought together higher education activities and school education activities in this way, and this would be additional attainment for the project.


Meeting 5 - GENOA

The meeting was held in 24-25 May 2022. The main discussion topics were the piloting processes and the organisation of the multiplier events. Partners handled the organisation items over a checklist. Also, the piloting process experiences were shared.
The management issues, including timesheets, communication with stakeholders, documentation and remaining tasks were also handled at the meeting. Regular videos shot with university students and primary school children were also tackled. Accordingly, partners agreed to put the evaluation videos of the university students on the project website.


Meeting 6

The meeting was held on 06.07.2022. The main discussion topics were the evaluation of the piloting processes and the multiplier events. At the meeting, missing documents were determined for each partner and the deadlines were specified for submission.
The different aspects for the enhancement of the project idea were discussed and further collaboration possibilities were also handled.

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