European Union Erasmus+ KA203 Higher Education Project

Video Library

Video Library

Video Library will be a training package including scenario-based (how to) videos related to the use of robotics in mathematics education in primary schools. These videos will be unique learning materials focusing on the issues in question.

The use of robotics in Mathematics education in primary schools to release mathematics anxiety and integrating robotics into blended learning practices for this purpose is a unique approach.
Flipped learning (in the scope of the blended learning approach) is a good way of applying hands-on and distance learning together and therefore the piloting process has been designed based on flipped learning.
Video Library will meet the needs of undergraduate students in terms of closing the skills gap in this regard and videos will be watched by the undergraduate students before the lessons during the piloting designed with flipped learning.

Video content will mostly about the use of robots in mathematics education and also give information about blended learning tools such as various digital tools, interactive resources, serious games, online presentations, virtual classrooms, mobile apps along with classroom activities. Undergraduate students will learn how to engage children in the learning processes and speed up their learning paces with effective examples. The video contents will be mostly about how to integrate robots into mathematics teaching in primary schools. This will be handled in two ways; using robots directly in the classroom and learning mathematics concepts via coding.

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