European Union Erasmus+ KA203 Higher Education Project



“Modular Course Curriculum Designed with Flipped Learning to Promote the Use of Robotics in Mathematics Education in Primary Schools”

The startup Study of MindMaths involves a situation analysis by literature review at national and international levels in the area of Mathematics Anxiety and consequently the preparation activities of the Modular Curriculum. This study will present the conceptual framework of Mathematics Anxiety, as well as provide us to determine and share our educational policies.
The Modular Curriculum will reflect the common consensus. The curriculum content will be user-friendly, as perceptible as possible, enriched with the content which aims at improving the knowledge and success of the undergraduate students in the domain rather than providing abstract notional explanations.

The modular curriculum will contain challenging Mathematics subjects for children with Mathematics Anxiety, the features of children with MA and give information about how to recognise these children, how to use robotics and blended learning approach to solve the problems arising from Mathematics Anxiety. The modular course curriculum will be uploaded to the project website and be open access. The course curriculum will be in 5 different languages including English. The curriculum content will be designed for elective courses and for one semester. The credits of the course will be developed based on the ECTS to provide uniformity with European Universities.

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