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Multiplier Event in Viseu

Multiplier Event in Viseu

The 2022 edition of SETA was a seminar focused on topics related to the digital transition in education held on 07.07.2022. In this edition, SETA integrated the national multiplier event of the MINDMATHS project “Flipped Learning Practices to Release Maths Anxiety with the Use of Robotics” 2020-1-TR01- KA203_092209.

Academics and Researchers studying the project topics, Early Childhood teachers, Primary School teachers, Basic Education teachers, Future teachers (initial teacher education students), Social Educators, Families and Carers of children participated in the event either online or face-to-face.

Maria João Horta, Deputy Director of the Directorate-General for Education of the Portuguese Ministry of Education, José Lagarto, Coordinator of the Report on the Pilot for the Dematerialization of Textbooks and other Digital Resources, Cristina Azevedo Gomes, School of Education and CI&DEI of the Polytechnic of Viseu, and Maria Figueiredo, School of Education and CI&DEI of the Polytechnic of Viseu took part in the event as keynote speakers.

Cristina Azevedo Gomes, the coordinator of Mindmaths gave a speech on Computational Thinking and Robotics in Mathematics teaching and learning in the 1st Cycle of Basic Education: challenges and opportunities in the European space. It was a very successful event that brought together educators from different levels of education and regions in the country. Organized as a hybrid, it had about 50 participants in-person and over 100 participants online.

There was a good articulation between national-wide discussions about the digital transition of schools and the particular challenges of robotics and computational thinking in Mathematics, particularly in the 1st Cycle of Basic Education. This made the curriculum and the videos more appealing and contextualized. The European dimension of the MindMaths project was highlighted which amplified the discussion beyond the national educational system. The workshop realized within the event was a success as it allowed a hands-on experience.

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