European Union Erasmus+ KA203 Higher Education Project

Month: January 2021

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Terms of UseThis statement notifies the terms of use for the “Flipped Learning Practices to Release Maths Anxiety with the Use of Robotics (MINDMATHS)” project website. It applies solely to this website. We strongly recommend our visitors to read the statements related to the terms of use, privacy and cookies when they visit all the…
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Video Library

Video Library is a training package including scenario-based (how-to) videos related to the use of robotics in mathematics education in primary schools. These videos are unique learning materials focusing on the issues in question. The use of robotics in Mathematics education in primary schools to release mathematics anxiety and integrating robotics into blended learning practices…
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“Modular Course Curriculum Designed with Flipped Learning to Promote the Use of Robotics in Mathematics Education in Primary Schools” The startup Study of MindMaths involves a situation analysis by literature review at national and international levels in the area of Mathematics Anxiety and consequently the preparation activities of the Modular Curriculum. This study will present…
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