European Union Erasmus+ KA203 Higher Education Project

Multiplier Event in Riga

Multiplier Event in Riga

The multiplier event was organized by Ineta Helmane in Education and Information Services of Riga City (RIIMC; on the MSTeams platform on the 23rd of August 2022. Mainly 1st-grade teachers and school principals participated in the event. Conference participants got the opportunity to share the positive experience of teaching different subjects in primary school. They have discussed important phenomena in the education field, for instance, transversal skills, emotional effects, and self-directed teaching/learning.

Participants had an opportunity to participate in different workshops that were led by field professionals and experts. Participants were informed about the main objectives, ideas, and the partners of the Erasmus+ project Flipped Learning Practices to Release Maths Anxiety with the Use of Robotics at the workshop. Workshop participants got an opportunity to follow the main topics below.

  • Anxiety, math anxiety,
  • Reducing math anxiety,
  • Number sense for reducing math anxiety
  • Resources for reducing math anxiety in primary schools

Ineta Helmane presented scientifically improved findings on anxiety as well as mathematics anxiety. The positive examples of releasing math anxiety were discussed and analyzed. Different strategies for use of robotics in mathematics education were shown and discussed with participants as well. Participants had the opportunity to follow project materials about releasing math anxiety and the implementation of robotics in mathematics education.

Participants got to know ideas and practical activities for releasing math anxiety and using robots in mathematics education as well. Teachers had an opportunity to follow the ideas in the video about the ways of using robots in education, blended learning and flipped learning. Teachers received a project webpage address in the  MSTeams Chat space.

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