European Union Erasmus+ KA203 Higher Education Project

Öğrenme Etkinliği – 4

Öğrenme Etkinliği – 4

Learning Objectives:

To understand basic concepts of algebra, including generalization

To explain the movements of an object on a two-dimensional plane by using spatial language

To understand that a square has four congruent sides


School: İstanbul Kartal Özel Çam İlkokulu, Turkey

Level: 4th Grade

Teacher: Asuman Ağören

Researcher: Dr Yusuf Koç (Kocaeli University, Turkey)


Video Transcript:

Researcher: Where is the mistake? Selin?

Selin: We have forgotten to press right.

Researcher: They forgot to press right. Yeah. Again. Take some back. Take some back. Ok. Down. A little. Huh. A little bit right towards me. Down that way. Ok. Yes, now.

Selin: One, two, three ahead.

Rüya: Press hard.

Selin: One right. Two, three ahead.

Researcher: What is repetitive motion?

Students: Three forward. One to the right. Three forward one to the right. Three forward one to the right. Three forward one to the right. Ok.

Researcher: OK.

Selin: I did it right,

Rüya. One, two, three forward, one right.

Teacher: Reset.

Rüya: Two triples one zero.

Researcher: Did they reset it?

Teacher: Reset again, let’s do it again.

Researcher: Do it again, guys. Reset, again.

Selin+Rüya: One, two, three, one more. One, two, three, it’s coming right here.

Rüya: No, I did both, we are here. One two three. Then it comes here. Now this way.

Researcher: No. Did you confuse? Delete it, delete it.

Rüya: Let’s see, we didn’t confuse.

Selin: But we made it a little shorter.

Other students: Teacher, can I show you this?

Researcher: Let’s see. Hold on. Rüya: We launched the robot too far back.

Another student: Where are you going, bro?

Researcher: Okay, what did you forget? A minute. What did you forget?

Selin: Teacher, I said to Rüya. She said that I did the first one and then it will come here. I said let’s do something anyway. We weren’t sure.

Researcher: OK.

Another student: Teacher, can I show you something?

Selin: We took a right. One two three forward.

Researcher: Okay now.

Rüya: One, two, three. One right. One two three.

Selin: No. It’s here now. Which one?

Researcher: Great.

Teacher: Applause.

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