European Union Erasmus+ KA203 Higher Education Project

Öğrenme Etkinliği – 3

Öğrenme Etkinliği – 3

Learning Objectives:

To understand how to navigate on a two-dimensional plane

To calculate the distance between two points on a two-dimensional plane

To know how to move along a path by using spatial language

To explain the movements of an object on a two-dimensional plane by using spatial language


School: İstanbul Kartal Özel Çam İlkokulu, Turkey

Level: 4th Grade Teacher: Asuman Ağören

Researcher: Dr Yusuf Koç (Kocaeli University, Turkey)


Video Transcript:

STUDENT: We’ll turn left.

STUDENT: Guys, we’re just going to turn left. When you return….

STUDENT: We’re going to multiply fifteen by five.


STUDENT: Shall we?

RESEARCHER: Seventy-five how many? Seventy-five centimetres? How many steps?


RESEARCHER: Well, let’s see.

RESEARCHER: First how much? How would it go then? How many steps will it go forward?



STUDENT: Five. According to that.

RESEARCHER: But what will the robot do after it has gone six steps forward?

STUDENT: Then it will turn left.

RESEARCHER: It will turn left. After?

STUDENT: Five steps.

RESEARCHER: Five steps. Come on, let’s. Let’s try.


RESEARCHER: Six forward. After?


RESEARCHER: Left. After?

STUDENT: Five steps.

RESEARCHER: Five forward.

RESEARCHER: Delete it first, guys. Shilling. Press the cross, the cross. Well done. Did you hit the cross? RESEARCHER: Okay, good. Do it. Together.

STUDENT: One, two, three, four, five, six.


STUDENT: It will turn left. Then it will go forward.

STUDENT: It will also go five steps forward.

STUDENT: One, two, three, four, five.

RESEARCHER: Do not press immediately. Is the direction correct? Adjust the direction of the robot well. the direction of the robot.

STUDENT: The robot has arrived. The robot has arrived. The robot turned left from here.


STUDENT: Then go this way then.

RESEARCHER: Okay. Ok. Our robot will go to the glue.


STUDENT: It can go slightly diagonally.

RESEARCHER: It can go slightly diagonally. Of course. But that’s how we decided.

RESEARCHER: Remove that board. Lift the board. Great.

RESEARCHER: Great. Very nice. Well done. Thanks.

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